The Environmental Justice for All tour plugs onward at a breakneck pace, weaving through Albany and Hartford yesterday and up to Boston today. More videos online today.

Cameraman Jeremy Levine checked in from the bus somewhere between those locations last night. He was particularly struck with the story of homeowners in Endicott, N.Y. The town of about 13,000 people is known as the birthplace of the company that later became IBM. Today, toxic compounds leaked from the plant continue to destroy the health of the community. Investigation into the extent of the contamination is ongoing.

One person they interviewed there had bought a house directly across the street from the site of the spill and wasn’t informed about the health risks until after moving in. Citizens there face health problems as well as the economic hardships wrought by the resulting real-estate devaluation.

The tour continues throughout the week. For more information, visit the Environmental Justice for All website.

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