Thom Yorke, leader of the critically-revered rock band Radiohead, has this to say:

"Climate change is indisputable and we have to do something dramatic. You have a certain amount of credit you can cash in with your celebrity and I’m cashing the rest of my chips in with this. … The music industry is a spectacularly good example of fast-turnover consumer culture. It is actually terrifying. Environmental considerations should be factored in to the way the record companies operate."

Well, the Sunday Times went and hired the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management to do an environmental audit of the band.

It found that 50,000 trees would need to be planted and maintained for 100 years in order to offset the amount of CO2 produced by Hail to the Thief, the group’s last album and tour.

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These figures, said the Times with poorly concealed condescension, "highlight the complexity of seemingly simple arguments on protecting the planet."

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