Over on TomPaine.com today, Frank O’Donnell of Clean Air Watch takes on GE’s “ecomagination.” Frank makes some compelling arguments — similar to comments made on gristmill earlier in the week — as to why this is just a bunch of greenwashing.

As strange as it makes me feel to ask this question, I’ll do it. Aren’t we jumping the gun here, gang? Shouldn’t we want a polluting corporation to have an “Extreme Makeover”? Or are we saying “Mission Impossible” to any attempts to change because of past environmental sins?

Call me naive (and you probably will in the comments), but it seems like we have to actually give GE a chance to fulfill their “ecomagination.” So what do you think? Extreme makeover or mission impossible?

(I’ll admit they are not off to a good start with this appropriation rider shenanigans.)

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