I forgot to mention this:

If you happen to be a subscriber to Fast Company, you can read a piece that Chip and I wrote for the March 2006 issue online. Then again, if you’re a subscriber, you have it on paper, so why would you want to read it online?

If you’re not a subscriber, well then, just trust me that it’s the single greatest essay ever written. And please don’t talk to any subscribers about it.

It’s about business picking up on (and making money from) sustainability. Lots of stuff Gristies will be familiar with, but hopefully new (and galvanizing!) to a broader business audience.

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Update [2006-3-1 19:58:42 by David Roberts]: Ah. My sources tell me we have a PDF copy of the article — it’s right here (uh, PDF), should you desire to read it.

Update [2006-3-2 19:0:40 by David Roberts]: Oops. Turns out the Fast Company folks don’t want us reprinting their piece. Guess y’all will have to wait two weeks until it’s out from behind their subscription wall.

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