Farmageddon posterThe Senate’s food-safety bill, which we debated in depth here on Grist, will likely come to a vote next week. But even if it passes and gets signed into law by President Obama — and I expect it will — it’s unlikely to resolve fights that are brewing about risk in the food system, particularly the risks embodied by small-scale, artisanal (sorry, Bonnie) dairy and meat producers.

I was grappling with this issue this very weekend, reading Burkhard Bilger’s New Yorker profile of fermentation guru Sando Katz and Bill Neuman’s New York Times piece on a small-scale cheese producer’s fight with the FDA. As if on cue, the trailer for a coming-soon documentary on just these issues, called Farmageddon, has crossed my desk. It features Raw Milk Revolution author David Gumpert, who’s written several articles about raids on farms for Grist.

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Watch it and ponder these complex issues along with me. I’ll be posting my ruminations soon.

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