Man, they really are putting bacon in fucking everything these days. Bacon chocolate, bacon sundaes, bacon accessories … I was sure this would taper off, but  now they’ve come out with bacon-wrapped caterpillars.

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Reddit user DeathStarDriveBy posted these images with the question “WTF is this thing outside my door? It looks like nightmare bacon.” And it does! But as Redditors quickly determined, it’s actually the larva of a Great Ash Sphinx moth. These caterpillars are usually green, but there are red variants.

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I’m not completely convinced, though, because to me the red Great Ash Sphinx caterpillars look more like overinflated scary snake balloons. The diagonal ridges on the side look the same, and the sort of uncircumcised-looking front bit, but I’m more inclined to believe that this is a Great Ash Sphinx caterpillar that has been wrapped in bacon. Probably in an attempt to get on the internet, so … you win, caterpillar!