Enviros are biting their nails along with the rest of America, waiting to hear the outcome of the presidential race between Al Gore and George W. Bush. It is known that Green Party candidate Ralph Nader fell short of the 5 percent of votes that would have earned the party federal matching funds in the next election; he got 3 percent. Exit polls in closely contested states like Florida, Oregon, Nevada, and New Hampshire suggest that at least half of Nader voters would have supported Gore had it been a two-person race, so Nader’s candidacy appears to have given a boost to Bush. Speaking last night in Washington, D.C., Nader downplayed the missed 5 percent goal and claimed that his campaign was a success. “Tomorrow, the Green Party will emerge as the third-largest party in America, the fastest growing party, and the best party in its democratic spirit to take back the government for our people,” he said.