Photo: Law Kevin via flickrI found a butterfly sitting on my computer screen this morning. I have no idea how it got there, and I’m pretty sure it isn’t from around here. My guess is that a chrysalis may have gotten mixed in with some chicken feed that is stored in my basement.

I dropped in to Flickr to see if I could find a photo of it in the commons. The above picture is a similar subspecies but with different coloration. While I was there I thought I would look around. Check out these purple bugs. If you have broadband click on this link for a slideshow of insects. It only takes a few seconds to load. The fastest way to view it is to click on the pause button in the lower left-hand corner and manually move your pointer across the thumbnails along the bottom of the screen clicking on each one. When you get to the end of the row of thumbnails, click on the right arrow to see a new row of thumbnails.

The diversity of life on this planet is beyond description. About half of it will be gone in my children’s lifetimes because ecosystem carbon sinks are being destroyed to provide us with food, which I suppose is a necessary evil because people have to eat, but destroying them to fuel our cars is beyond stupid. What does the future hold for our children?