I missed music blogging last week, and I don’t want to miss it again, but I gotta hurry — I need to run to my kid’s parent-teacher conference. (Yes, they have those in preschool — WTF?)

This song is from one of my favorite albums of last year: The Trials of Van Occupanther, by a band called Midlake, one of those bands that might as well have fallen down from Mars. The sound is somewhat reminiscent of that strain of light, spacey ’70s rock embodied by Fleetwood Mac, but sounds absolutely nothing like anything else in popular music right now. A really literate, intricate, ambitious album that rewards multiple listens — apparently the whole album tells a story, but I’ve never been quite able to grok what the story is. Good anyway, though. The song is called “Roscoe.”

Maybe next week I’ll even branch out from indie!

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