The music blogs are all abuzz about a new band called Vampire Weekend, based on a three-song EP (the full album comes out in Jan. ’08). I don’t think you can get the EP at stores, but you can stream the songs on their website.

I like it pretty well. It’s squaresville for sure — four lily-white Columbia grads making nerd pop that sounds like Graceland meets Little Creatures — but I’m a sucker for a melody.

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The main reason I post this song, besides it being catchy as hell, is so that I can answer the question in the first line: I give a f*ck about an oxford comma. For those who don’t know, “oxford comma” is another term for serial comma, i.e., the last comma before “and” in a list. One, two,« and three.

I believe most journalists drop the serial comma, per the AP style guide, but I’ve always used it and was pleased to discover Grist did too when I got hired. I’m with this guy.

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How about you? Do you use the serial comma? And do you know any other songs about punctuation?