As expected, U.S. obstructionism has led to a G8 communique on global warming that’s long on aspirational phrases and short on solid commitments to changing our carbon-loading ways. Among other watered-down statements, the leaders of the developed world promise to:

… raise awareness of climate change and our other multiple challenges, and the means of dealing with them … work with developing countries on building capacity to help them improve their resilience and integrate adaptation goals into sustainable development strategies … make available the information which business and consumers need to make better use of energy and reduce emissions …

Says the Beeb, “President George W. Bush has been reluctant to accept the position of the ‘scientific consensus’ on global warming.”

What’s with the scare quotes, BBC? National science academies from 11 nations agree: Global warming is real.

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As for President’s Bush’s “reluctance to accept,” let’s call that what it is: An expedient political position that rewards his and Dick Cheney’s supporters in the energy industry.

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