Ford Motor Co. is going green with its $2 billion remodeling plans for its Rouge industrial complex in Dearborn, Mich. The remodel, being spearheaded by green architect William McDonough, will include rooftop plantings designed to absorb rainfall and regulate building temperature along with a nearly 1 million-square-foot meadow meant to rehabilitate contaminated soil. Meanwhile, Ford announced this week that its first fuel-cell cars to be sold on the market will be based on its hot-selling Focus; the cars are expected to be available in 2004, but mainly as vehicles for business fleets. DaimlerChrysler plans to introduce its first fuel-cell buses in 2002 and fuel-cell cars in 2004; other automakers have pledged to market fuel-cell vehicles by 2004 as well. “In 25 years, fuel cells could be the predominate automotive power source,” said Ford Chair Bill Ford in a statement.