Joe mentioned this the other day, but I want add my voice to the chorus. George Monbiot is in the midst of a kick-ass interview series. This week he met with Fatih Birol, chief economist for the International Energy Agency. The IEA’s new report is substantially more pessimistic about future energy supply than its previous reports, upon which many world governments have based their energy planning. It also addresses peak oil for the first time.

What explains the change? And what does it mean? Watch as Monbiot presses Birol mercilessly to acknowledge the radical implications of his own report and the lie it puts to IEA’s stated belief that the shortfall in conventional oil can be made up from GHG-intensive alternative sources like oil shale:

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Oh, wait, I can’t embed the video. WTF, Guardian?

Anyway, it has become a rare thing to see a deeply knowledgeable journalist really pushing a public figure. Where is America’s Monbiot?

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