You can’t have too much of a good thing. This became apparent after the publication of the Grist Gift Rapt gift guide, when eager readers began inundating us with further suggestions for gifts. Hence I, one half of the brilliant Sarahs who brought you the gift guide, have taken it upon myself (at the urging of my editor, whose advice I have love to follow) to offer up more gift ideas. Because really, you can’t have too many gifts! (Calm yourself, hypersensitive non-consumers, it’s a joke.)

Eager reader Brad suggests International Snow Leopard Trust. ISLT is also Seattle-based, and we heart all things local.

Eager reader Susan suggests Heifer International. Surely your peeps would rather have a water buffalo given in their name than be given an actual water buffalo.

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Eager reader Kent suggests Boll Organic. Organic cotton men’s dress shirts, wOot!

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Eager reader Becky suggests Ithaca’s Gorges, an organic-chocolate company that gives a portion of proceeds to sustain land in the Finger Lakes area. Insert funny “giving them the finger” joke here.

What else, eager readers? Our gift guide, while astoundingly good, was by no means comprehensive. What eco-gifts are you getting your loved ones this season? Heck, we’ll even take suggestions on what to get our hated ones. We’re open to anything. Comment away!