Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit! Turns out global trade in ethanol disadvantages developing nations. Who coulda guessed.

What are the options open to developing nations? You think they’ll just pull out of global ethanol trade, ’cause of how unfair it is?

Um, no. They’ll raze their rainforests and carbon sinks, pushing and pushing to ramp up supply, running like hamsters on a wheel to squeeze what profit they can out of the global market. A small elite will be enriched, average citizens will see no benefit, and the end result will be worse global warming and global economic inequality.

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This is the system we have. It’s great to say you’d support global ethanol trade if safeguards were put in place to prevent such inequities from happening. But if history is any guide, such safeguards won’t be put in place. So what then?

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The real choice, then, is this: participate in the existing global trade system or push for genuinely clean, genuinely domestic power options.

URGE2. Is all I’m saying.