polar bear

[UPDATE: This post is a joke, as is the Polar Bear Conservancy website. Happy April Fools’ Day!]

While the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service dawdles over whether or not to list the polar bear as a federally protected endangered species, a nonprofit group is ready to act to save the fast-disappearing mammal. The Polar Bear Conservancy has announced a new program that aims to relocate 3,000 polar bears from the rapidly melting Arctic to the Antarctic — which, yes, is also rapidly melting, but still has a lot more ice for the bears to roam around on.

GOP presidential candidate John McCain expressed support for the plan on Monday, saying, “This is exactly the kind of creative public-private partnership we ought to be exploring.”

There’s more info at the Polar Bear Conservancy website, and there’s a Facebook group for the project too.

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