Over on Salon, Katharine Mieszkowski takes a look at the science in An Inconvenient Truth, chats with some climate scientists, and concludes that Gore more or less got everything right.

ThinkProgress dismantles the right-wing canard — most recently passed along by George Will — that there’s wide scientific disagreement over humans’ role in global warming.

‘Winger Debra Saunders struggles mightily to revive the familiar media narrative of Al Gore as narcissist and serial exaggerator. Anonymous Liberal debunks some of the more egregious factual errors and ruminates on the narrative that seemingly won’t die.

Once the media has settled on a narrative, it is very hard to change it. Al Gore’s recent re-emergence into the national spotlight has resulted in some uncharacteristically favorable press coverage. But Gore’s conservative detractors, like Saunders and the National Review’s Jonah Goldberg are trying very hard to reassert the old Gore narratives. And mainstream journalists (and even liberal commentators like Frank Rich) have demonstrated recently that the old Gore narratives still shape their views of the man.

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But I’m cautiously optimistic that this phenomenon can be more effectively combatted and contained in the future. The reason for my optimism is the emergence of the blogosphere as a factor in American politics.

Let’s hope. As AL points out, Daily Howler is the place to go for tireless debunking of these tired narratives.

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