I just got done watching last night’s Al Gore interview on The Daily Show. (It’s not online yet, unless you seek out the torrent.) He acquitted himself very well, much better than I expected.

There was some nice repartee. Stewart asked if Gore took some satisfaction in seeing that slide where Florida gets flooded. Gore said, "hey, I think I won Florida."

Also, Gore specifically dinged Bush’s recent line that we need to get "beyond the debate," which of course I was happy to see. He said a doctor wouldn’t look at your symptoms and say, well, let’s not worry about what’s causing them, let’s just give you an aspirin and send you home. True dat.

But mainly, Gore effectively got across the point that the evidence is overwhelming and that it’s time to put politics aside and just solve the damn problem. The audience loved him.

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Update [2006-6-29 15:41:14 by David Roberts]: Here’s the video.

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