Go register for Global Green‘s New Orleans Sustainable Design Competition. Seriously. Go now! Would you register if Brad Pitt asked you? Well, I can pull some strings and make that happen. Ha ha. No, not really. Seems Pitt has joined up with Global Green of his own accord. (Apparently he’s very much into architecture these days. Is sustainable design the new Black? Man, I’m good.)

Perhaps what’s holding you back is that you don’t know anything about the competition besides the fact that Brad Pitt is involved? (Hello, what more do you need to know?) Well, read on, my friend.

Basically, this is a two-stage, open design competition that “seeks visionary, yet practical responses to the challenge of sustainable development. By providing specific examples of the how a thoughtful and environmentally responsible rebuilding could take place, the competition hopes to lead New Orleans to a position of prominence in the area of sustainable development and thus help recapture its reputation as a place of innovation and leadership.”

Valiant goals indeed. So go read the submission guidelines and then register online and pay the entry fee ($100, or $25 if you’re a student). And do it quick-like, because the deadline is looming — we’ve got word it may only be extended ’til Friday.

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Because you don’t want to disappoint this guy do you?

“This competition asks the question, can this catastrophe be turned into opportunity? Can we create for these neighborhoods and its families something even better than they had before? We encourage anyone with an idea to get involved,” [Pitt] whispered softly in my ear said in a statement.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

You see that part about “anyone with an idea”? That’s you. Now, get to it.