If you read green blogs, you will no doubt see this linked on every single one today. Gregory Dicum (who occasionally contributes to Grist) writes a column on environmental matters for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Today’s column is about the green blogosphere. Check it out.

Update [2006-3-22 9:45:35 by David Roberts]: Obviously I should clarify one thing, as apparently every single one of my colleagues plans to razz me about it. In the piece, it says, “Roberts is technically an employee of [Grist], although he says he has complete editorial freedom.”

I chatted with the author of the piece, Gregory, over IM, so obviously nuances are going to get lost. But just to clarify: I am not “technically” an employee of Grist, I am entirely and happily an employee, working every day in the office alongside all the other talented, intelligent, and beautiful/handsome employees, and I do several things outside the purview of the blog. My comment about editorial freedom was meant as praise for my employers: They have shown me a great deal of trust and have never asked or pressured me to alter the content of the blog. Hooray for them! I am proud to technically work for them.

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