Ok, since no one else has been brave enough to post this one … from Wired re: Chip Proser’s new documentary, Gaia Selene:

The moon, the film argues, will provide the Earth with infinite clean, cheap energy. Our ailing globe will stabilize. Wealth and good fortune will spread throughout the planetary system.

Not sold yet? Nibble on this:

Gaia Selene begins by building a picture of an Earth on the verge of environmental collapse. Global demand for energy is spiking. Nukes (too dangerous) and fossil fuels (dirty and limited) are problematic. With no earthly solution on the horizon, Gaia Selene insists we look to space, where we’ll find two sources of cheap, clean energy.

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And once we establish our moon base, we’ll head out to explore the galaxy using our no-energy-required solar sails!

Luna, here I come! Who’s with me?

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