Everyone who listens to Umbra knows you should wash your clothes in cold water. Sounds like the folks over at Procter & Gamble might be listening.

I give you Tide Coldwater.

Here is the marketing spiel from the Tide website:

Tide Coldwater provides a deep clean in the care of cold water, making it the coolest way to clean. When used in a cold water wash, Tide Coldwater can:

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  • Remove even stubborn stains better than the leading competitive liquid detergent in warm water
  • Save energy and money by lowering your heating bills
  • Help colors stay brighter and whites stay whiter
  • Provide a cool new scent experience

Though I missed it, my TV-watching buddy tells me that they specifically mentioned the eco-friendly aspects of Tide Coldwater in a commercial. So, do we applaud or boo?

Oh, and you gotta love how they’re trying to appeal to those outdoorsy types with their two scents: “Glacier — a classic floral scent linked with fruity, woody, and citrus elements” and “Fresh Scent — a modern floral scent combined with fresh, crisp herbal notes.”

Update [2005-8-4 13:53:46 by Chris Schults]: Ok, so I found the TV commercials online here. While they don’t specifically mention any environmental benefits, they do promote the energy and money saving aspects of washing with cold water. And we all know that reducing energy consumption is good for the environment. Though, who knows what chemical nastiness is in this version of Tide.

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