Down in Salt Lake City, the National Governors Association is holding a three-day Energy Summit. Tired of federal slacking, the NGA has for the first time in its history drawn up a specific list of priorities for Congress to consider this session. Here’s what they said:

At the top of the list – in fact, an “imperative” – is acting to head off the devastation of climate change, Huntsman said during opening remarks at the three-day Utah Energy Summit in downtown Salt Lake City.

The governors want expanded alternative fuels programs, vehicles with better fuel efficiency, continued renewable energy development tax credits, new clean-coal technology that will eliminate emissions of greenhouse gases, enhanced focus on conservation and energy efficiency, and a massive funding infusion for new technology.

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Eh. Could be worse. But this, I’m afraid, is 100% Grade-A uncut eeevil:

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With a 300-year supply of coal, the nation has no energy shortage, [Montana Gov. Brian] Schweitzer said. Rather, we have a technology shortage that won’t change unless Congress spends more money to develop technology that strips and disposes of greenhouse gases that coal-burning power plants generate.

“Coal is our future,” he said, chiding those who would abandon coal or ignore nuclear power potential. “Are you willing to sit naked in trees and eat nuts?”

Jackass. First off, we don’t have a “300-year supply” of coal. That’s a bad joke. And more importantly, shifting to renewables and energy efficiency will not leave us naked in trees (though what’s wrong with eating nuts?). It will leave us happier, healthier, and safer.

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It pains me to say it, since he seems like a good guy and an excellent politician, but I think Schweitzer is having a net negative effect on the energy debate. Coal is the enemy of the human race, and he’s one of its most effective lieutenants.