Photo by Watson House.

Velomobiles are reclining bicycles with fiberglass shells on top, to make you super aerodynamic, weatherproof, and sort of whimsical.

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The only thing better than a Velomobile is an electric Velomobile, which is the exact same thing, but with the addition of a kit to electrify the bike.

We bought an electric bike in lieu of a second car, and I am telling you now, until you’ve gone 20 MPH uphill on a brushless 750-watt motor, the wind in your hair, your fuel and insurance cost reduced to zero, you are living a poor simulacrum of the life you could have.

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Anyway, once the developing world is done driving fuel prices into the stratosphere, everyone with half a brain will be driving one of these. And those who can’t make the switch will be trapped in the exurbs with all the hollow-eyed baby boomers. Good times!