… and now he’s sleeping in it.  And boy, it doesn’t look comfortable.

Last week French President Jacques Chirac took a public swipe at Tony Blair, saying he’d gotten nothing in return for his unstinting support of George W. Bush.  “I am not sure,” said the francophone dryly, “that it is in the nature of our American friends at the moment to return favors systematically.”

Meanwhile, Blair has been under immense pressure at home — from his party, the opposition party, even the Queen — to prod the intransigent Bush on the subject of global warming. Surely, the reasoning goes, Blair should get something for tying his political fate to Bush’s when other leaders wouldn’t.

Well, no.  Today The Independent reports that Bush “reprimanded” Blair for making such a fuss over global warming, according to “senior Washington sources.” Among other things, Blair has been planning to make global warming a central topic at the G-8 Summit in January. For this he is … “reprimanded.”  Ouch.

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Blair has never wavered in his public support for W, but after such high-handed treatment, you gotta wonder if he’s starting to have violent dreams.

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