I am cuter than E.T. — you know that, I know that, Spielberg knows that. (Photo by alejomsc.)

A lot of turtles died during the BP oil spill — the death rate was four to six times the norm during the months following the spill. But this rare white sea turtle is alive, and that is good.

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He was found recently in Smyrna Beach, Fla., with another baby white sea turtle. His sibling swam away, but this little nugget of adorableness was not strong enough, so marine biologists nursed him until he was strong enough and now they are releasing him. Kind of like E.T., but with less product placement.

The Marine Science Center in Volusia County, Fla., has rescued thousands of sea animals and sea birds and released them back into the wild. Next time you get mad about the BP oil spill, just go to their website and look at the happy stories while continuing, of course, to hate on evil corporate turtle-killing oil merchants everywhere.

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