If you ever wondered what kind of sweaters fat hipster ponies wear to the beach, wonder no more. These Shetland ponies, who are awesomely named Fivla of Finnister and Millhouse Vitamin (both of which would make pretty bang-up indie band names), favor Fair Isle cardigans made by knitwear designer Doreen Brown. Well, maybe not so much “favor” as “patiently tolerate being buttoned into.”

[protected-iframe id=”a56f59f8cfaeb4907efbb8c90bd9fe03-5104299-30166106″ info=”″ width=”486″ height=”412″]

The ponies are done up in their Brooklynite best on behalf of the Scotland tourism board, which has apparently decided to play up Shetland wool and ponies in order to attract visitors. Not sure why they abandoned the time-honored “Scotland: We Have Whisky” approach, but I guess you have to mix it up sometimes. “Scotland: Come See Fat Ponies in Clothes” and “Scotland: We Saw Millhouse Vitamin Before They Were Cool” both seem like decent tactics as well.

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