Internet stuff-making/video guy Ze Frank has been branching out into nature programs, and frankly, other nature programs can go get stuffed. Oh sure, David Attenborough is a national treasure and everything, but is that even MY nation? It is not. And meanwhile, this video about sloths just nearly made me pee myself while upside down:

The angler fish one is great too:

No nature show would be complete without the creepy penis of the echidna puggle:

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And technically Morgan Freeman transcends nature, but there’s a video about him too:

Although that one has some demonstrable factual problems, since it claims that Freeman went from being a baby to being old immediately and forever, which totally leaves out the part where he was a sexy vampire on The Electric Company:

So OK, maybe we’ll keep Attenborough around a little longer. I bet he knows all about Morgan Freeman’s sexy vampire phase.

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