This nice man on YouTube came into possession of a rather large egg. He cracked it open, and to his surprise, there was a whole other egg inside of it. It is incredible:


Nor is this the only example of this phenomenon. Here’s a story about another one! And another! And this video, in which they’re inexplicably not excited at all to find an egg inside another egg.

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There is a technical explanation for all this, the Associated Press reports:

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According to a web video by the National History Museum in the United Kingdom, such a “double egg” is relatively rare. One forms when “unusual contractions” force a developing egg traveling down an oviduct back into the ovary. There, it is surrounded by another egg, with the concentric eggs being delivered as one.

It’s like the Russian nesting doll of eggs. We want one. (But, uh, maybe not to eat. Nobody seems to have been willing to sack up and eat one of these mutant eggs yet.)