Want to keep the enviro party going? Tired of being labeled a Gloomy Gus? Need to say something light and charming to keep that blonde giving you sultry looks from walking away?

Here are a couple of charming Cary Grant-ish items to keep the conversation light and frothy:

California state officials announced Friday that the state has at last achieved its goal of recycling fifty percent or more of its trash, and as a result, according to the L.A. Times, has not opened a new landfill in the state in ten years.

The Weather Channel, which newly-hired climate scientist Heidi Cullen admits was “very conservative for a long time … and didn’t want to offend anyone," is launching a weekly show on climate. A VP at the station thinks people may take global warming seriously if they view it in terms of not being able to get flood insurance, or having higher medical and air-conditioning bills, or losing loved ones to the heat. (Hat tip: Erica McDonald)

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And, reports the L.A. Times, a "green revolution" is budding in office construction, and may have passed a "tipping point" in acceptance in the business community. Doug Holte, an executive for a Houston-based developer, declares that, "You’ve got to get on board or risk being a dinosaur," and the paper says that it’s now possible to build green for "about the same price" as ordinary buildings.