Schwarzenegger, frustrated by inaction, threatens to sue U.S. EPA

In a smackdown between U.S. EPA head Stephen Johnson and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R), who would you bet on? It’s OK if you need time to ponder, because their battle is unfolding in slow motion. On Tuesday, Johnson said he had begun the process of considering California’s request to be allowed to regulate vehicle greenhouse-gas emissions, setting up a public hearing in May and a public comment period that lasts through mid-June. The request — which would result in a 25 percent cut in car and truck emissions and an 18 percent cut in SUV emissions by the 2009 model year — was filed in 2005, but the EPA sat on it until the Supreme Court said the agency oughta reconsider its role in cutting carbon dioxide. And guess who’s peeved about that? “If we don’t see quick action from the government, we will sue the U.S. EPA,” said Arnie yesterday, revealing that he’d sent an intent-to-sue letter to the agency that demands action within 180 days. Steve, time to think about taking off your glasses.