just look at the face of Ukranian presidential candidate Victor Yushchenko (before and after photos here).  Yikes. The bizarre case of his poisoning has brought renewed attention to this frightening substance, a byproduct of herbicide manufacturing, paper milling, waste incineration, and other nasty industrial processes.  

As BushGreenwatch points out, the Bushies are dragging their feet on curbing dioxin pollution, both domestically and internationally. “They’ve done nothing in regulations, and I don’t see anything on dioxin moving on the federal level in the next four years,” said Lois Gibbs, executive director of the Center for Health, Environment and Justice and an activist who made a name for herself by fighting for justice at Love Canal.

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One might think this ghastly, high-profile assassination attempt — complete with very public, physical evidence of the horrific damage dioxin can do — could provide a needed kick in the pants. But don’t hold your breath.  

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