The Sumatran tiger is awesome. It’s one of the most beautiful creatures in the world, and there are less than 400 left in the wild.

To give you an idea of how fast this creature is being wiped out, I remember only a couple of years ago writing that there were only 500 Sumatran tigers left. Now there is less than 400.

The Sumatran tiger is being killed by poachers to a certain degree, but the much bigger problem lies in the cereal you eat and those shitty little processed snacks that just make us all fatter. No kidding, these tigers live in an Indonesian jungle that just happens to be the same area being deforested to grow palm oil plantations.

Sumatran tiger caught in a snare near a palm oil plantation. It sadly died.

GreenpeaceSumatran tiger caught in a snare near a palm oil plantation. It sadly died.

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The palm oil from these plantations, the same ones that are wiping out the last of the Sumatran tigers, is being used by cereal-maker Kellogg to make cheap snack foods in China.

The irony of Kellogg’s mascot Tony the Tiger looking a lot like a Sumatran tiger is not lost on the advocacy group Sum of Us, who has launched a campaign this week that’s going totally viral online. Thousands of people are signing a petition and publicly speaking out via social media against Kelloggs and their role in killing off the last of the Sumatran tigers.

All in the name of cheap, packaged and processed garbage food to flood the Chinese marketplace. Other companies used to use this palm oil that was killing tigers, like Kentucky Fried Chicken, but it came to its senses earlier this year after a massive outcry from the marketplace (which is you by the way).

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