Kerry Talks Energy on the Stump; Bush Bashes His Plan

Kerry talked up his plan for energy independence over the weekend while campaigning in swing states (does he go anywhere else?), saying such swing-state-friendly things as, “You want to drive a great, big SUV? Terrific. Terrific. That’s America.” That’s America indeed. Kerry’s $30 billion energy plan includes, among other things, the twin goals of deriving 20 percent of motor fuel and 20 percent of electricity in the U.S. from renewable resources by 2020. Of course, swing states being where they are, agriculture-based renewables received the most doting attention. Bush — whose energy plan is based largely on increasing supply by drilling and building nuke plants — dispatched his people with dire warnings that Kerry’s plan could threaten jobs and hurt the economy, charges that Kerry’s campaign dismissed as hogwash.