Words fail me:

Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, said gas wouldn’t be so high today if ANWR was in production now. He scoffed at the notion that America should kick its fossil fuel habit.

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"Let’s everybody buy a bicycle," Young said. "Let’s all buy a bicycle and break our leg, and let’s go back to being China. And by the way, who’s the largest consumer of automobiles today? It’s China, not us, China. They also — and some may take me to task — they say (the Chinese) don’t burn much fuel. They burn over 7 billion barrels of oil a year."

China, according the U.S. Energy Information Administration, burns 7 million barrels of oil a day, which comes to 2.6 billion barrels a year. China was the world’s third largest automobile market last year, Businessweek reported in March, after the United States and Japan.

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Can someone explain to me why Alaska keeps electing these people?