In order to avert “a long-term energy crisis,” writes a bipartisan group of former political up-and-ups in a letter to U.S. politicians, we must “reexamine outdated and entrenched positions” on energy. The letter, sent to Barack Obama, John McCain, every member of Congress, and all 50 governors, declares that “we must rise above partisan differences and be united in our efforts”; it’s signed by 27 former secretaries of state and defense, senators, White House advisers, and Cabinet officers. “We demand more energy and complain about high prices, but we restrict energy exploration and production,” says the letter. “We embrace the promise of energy efficiency, but we are slow to make adjustments in our energy-intensive lifestyles.” To address our dilly-dallying, the letter recommends 13 broad actions, including reducing energy consumption; aggressively promoting energy efficiency; easing off of oil as a transportation fuel; and boosting nuclear power, renewables, and “clean coal.”