Here are two lists, for those of you into that kind of thing:

First, Sustainlane — which seems to produce a list every few weeks, no? — has a list of the Top Ten Cities for Renewable Energy. That’s the cities that provide citizens with the most green power. They are:

1. Oakland, CA
2. Sacramento/SF/San Jose, CA (tie)
3. Portland, OR
4. Boston, MA
5. San Diego, CA
6. Austin, TX
7. Los Angeles, CA
8. Minneapolis, MN
9. Seattle, WA
10. Chicago, IL

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Oakland, huh? Maybe Van‘s doing something right. Read the whole thing for details.

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Second, from Forbes via MSNBC, a list of the Top 12 Greenest Cars of 2007. Six are hybrids, and six are “just old-fashioned, gas-powered vehicles that happen to be small and efficient, with low emissions.”

Annoyingly, the story never just lists the cars, so I can’t reproduce the list here, but it’s a reasonably interesting story.