The Washington Post article that Ana and I both pointed to yesterday crowned Los Angeles as the most densely populated metropolitan area in the country.

The heart of that metropolitan area, downtown LA, is feeling the effects, according to the LA Times. The last high rise built in the downtown area was completed in 1992, but a wave of skyscrapers is slated for the city. Five have been approved, and a total of 20 buildings over 20 stories tall are proposed.

Marking a departure from historical usage of the buildings, most of the new towers are primarily for residential use, not office space. This leaves some, like historian and author D.J. Waldie, wondering: “They’re putting in even taller high-rises … but down on the ground, where are the resources to make that into a place to live?”

The article also mentions the proposed 2000-foot Fordham Spire in Chicago. Pictures.

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