no more looming!I would hereby like to formally apologize to all Grist readers for looming over their browsers today like some sort of dystopic Ziggy. It’s part of our ongoing fundraiser — I guess our development department thinks it will drive you to donate to Grist, if only to end the pain.

Speaking of that fundraiser. I know you know all this, but it’s worth repeating: Grist is independent, nonprofit media. We don’t get any money from Hearst, or Discovery, or Clorox. We aren’t beholden to anyone except you, our beloved readers. And it is your donations that keep our tiny, overworked staff running on their hamster wheels day in and day out.

“We rely on your donations.” You hear it all the time, and it starts to fade into the background. But it’s not a slogan — it’s really true. You give us money; we can keep going. You don’t; we can’t.

So if you like the site — and want to see the new redesign, the new reporters, the new features and partnerships — give us a few bucks. You’ll get a sense of satisfaction and I can go back to the faceless anonymity you and I both prefer.

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