Sorry again for my blog absence. I’m afraid it will be ongoing, as I’m leaving mid-day today to head down to Westwind in Oregon to speak at a meeting of the Northwest Environmental Defense Center. I’m speaking from notes, but I may try to write it up as a post later.

Also, I hope we can get some discussion going on the God & the Environment series, which is going to expand in coming weeks. I’ve got several interesting people lined to talk to. This thing started almost by accident — I had an interview with E.O. Wilson lined up, then the Sleeth book crossed my desk, and then the Moyers PBS special popped up, and then … it just spiraled out from there. This topic is on a lot of people’s minds these days.

As y’all probably know, I’m ambivalent about religion in general, and about the intersection of religion and environmentalism. But I must say the passion and commitment of the people I’ve talked to recently has been affecting. Putting the factual content of religion aside, it certainly seems to be a source of inspiration that nothing in the secular world has yet matched.

Anyway, lots to talk about. More next week.

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