Over at the DefenseTech blog, Noah Shachtman muses on the military’s need to wean itself off oil, reacting to comments by Jim Woolsey (PDF).

Among other things, he flags the new issue of Defense Technology International (interesting website, though horrendous usability-wise), which is titled "The Military and the End of Oil." It’s got pieces on hybrid diesel-electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cells, solid-waste lasers (?!), and the DoD’s new strategic approach to energy and conservation. Interesting stuff.

It’s a little depressing to contemplate, but I suspect that 50 years from now we’ll look back and realize that, as with so many previous technologies, it was military application that really accelerated clean tech deployment.

(ht: reader JH)

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Update [2006-5-26 12:31:29 by David Roberts]: Ah, I see there’s related news over on CleanTechBlog, mainly about the shift to hydrogen.

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