Can you please tell me where to get some normal ice cube trays, that aren't for fourteen year old girls?

dzd_lizaCan you please tell me where to get some normal ice-cube trays that aren’t for 14-year-old girls?

What’s cuter than a monkey in a shearling coat running around an IKEA store in Toronto? The answer to that riddle is FUCKING NOTHING and if you don’t believe me just look and then if you still don’t look harder.


Bronwyn Page

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Look at the way his little head is just floating there, and the giant cuffs over his monkey arms! He ran around an IKEA store for about an hour, and there were reports from the CBC that he was “monkey-screaming” which, if it is not a word, should be. Apparently he was in a cage in his car and escaped.

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People have been saying he’s a really smart monkey, but if he’s so smart, we’d like to see him put together an Expedit desk while someone is “monkey screaming” at him.

UPDATE: Sad news — it turns out this guy is an illegal pet, so the owner has been fined and the monkey has been confiscated. (No word on whether they let the owner or the monkey keep the coat.) Now who’s going to assemble that bookcase?