Via Josh Marshall, we find more background on the loopy press release from Inhofe’s office yesterday:

Good Catch! Until a couple months ago, the press release writer, Marc Marono, worked for where he distinguished himself by using disgraced NASA crony George Deutsch to attack NASA scientist James Hansen. Deutsch, you’ll remember, was the young Bush campaign flack who was sent over to NASA to censor scientific publications, made a splash when he instructed NASA scientists not to discuss the Big Bang without considering the topic from a religious perspective and then got bounced when it emerged that he’d lied about having a college degree. Earlier, Marono wrote this beaut questioning whether Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) may have faked the wounds for which he received two Purple Hearts.

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It’s all one seamless web of fruitcakery.

Update [2006-6-28 8:43:38 by David Roberts]: ThinkProgress does the yeoman’s work of refuting the claims in the release. For my part, I’m sick of knocking down the same zombie falsehoods again and again. The folks advancing these claims can no longer claim to be acting in good faith, so they won’t get good faith responses from me. From now on, they get what they deserve: disdain and mockery. Wo0t!

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Update [2006-6-28 12:26:24 by David Roberts]: And still more detailed debunking from Tim Lambert. But will the debunking stop this thing from spreading like wildfire throughout the crankosphere? I doubt it.