Protestors at L.A.’s South Central farm were evicted yesterday:

It took authorities nearly eight hours to forcibly clear protesters from the farm. Officials bulldozed vegetable gardens and chopped down an avocado tree to clear the way for a towering Fire Department ladder truck so the final four protesters could be plucked from a massive walnut tree.

See pictures here.

More bulldozing feels inevitable, but supporters haven’t given up hope. What you can do (from a press release):

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  • Call Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa at 213.978.0600 and his deputy, Robert Kramer, at 213.922.9739, and tell them exactly what you think about Antonio prioritizing $800 million to turn the Coliseum into an NFL stadium for a private company while dropping the ball on putting forward $5 million to save the land of thousands of low income farmers/campesinos in Los Angeles. Apparently, South Central Farm was only important enough for Villaraigosa to use as photo opportunity for himself to look good during his campaign!!!!!!
  • Go to the Los Angeles City Council meeting this Friday, June 15, at 9 AM, wear green, and speak up during public comment. Tell Jan Perry, Rocky Delgadillo, and their greedy, sell-out cohorts that we as Los Angeles voters and taxpayers are appalled at their actions to destroy this farm and selling off public property that WE OWN at a price far below market value to a developers who had been suing the city, after giving elected officials thousands of dollars in campaign contributions!!!
  • Call LA County District Attorney Steve Cooley at 213.974.3512 to demand that he not press charges against the nonviolent South Central Farm supporters who were express their First Ammendment rights to free speech and freedom of assembly!
  • Check for updates on how you can help the arrestees and to save the land from being developed: we need to make the developer lose lots of money by preventing any development from taking place!

REMEMBER: the fight is not over, the cause is not lost. We still have a court hearing coming up in July challenging the city and Ralph Horowitz on the illegal sale of this land, so there is a real possibility we can get the land back. We’ll need your support to make it happen.

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