Several Gristmillians have advocated that going veg is good for the environment.

Vegetarians were a little miffed when the USDA announced its new food pyramid, er, pyramids without providing dietary recommendations for a plant-based diet.

Well, someone must have been listening, as “Vegetarian Diets” is now listed under’s “Tips & Resources.”

Interestingly, it seems like the USDA’s definition of the term “vegetarian” leans more toward “vegan,” as they specifically provide tips for “lacto-ovo vegetarians.” I would have expected the opposite.

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However, the folks over at PCRM make the point that this information is only available on the website and not in the printed literature …

But such online resources don’t meet the needs of consumers who do not or cannot use the Internet. What the country really needed was a simple graphic conveying a clear message about how to improve our eating habits.

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And for those of you who missed it, go back in time to read our fearless leader’s thoughts on using the MyPyramid concept for green purposes.

And while we’re on the topic of graphics to convey good practices, I also refer you to Sustainable Business: A Declaration of Leadership, from the archives. (Okay, I know this has nothing to do with food or vegetarians or pyramids, but I just wanted to point out there is some good stuff buried under all the other good stuff.)