Ralph Nader is working with the Green Party to run as many as 80 candidates for Congress in 2002, twice the number that ran in 2000. He said the Green candidacies will help to move the Democratic Party to the left, though he acknowledges the tactic could prevent the Dems from winning control of the House. “The Democrats are going to have to lose more elections,” he said. “They didn’t get the message last time.” He said the Greens won’t challenge liberal Democrats, but critics already blame the Greens for one liberal loss in a 2000 House race in Michigan. Dianne Byrum lost to Republican Mike Rogers by only 110 votes, while the Green candidate pulled in 3,467 votes. In New Jersey, Rep. Rush Holt (D) — who received a 100 percent approval rating from the League of Conservation Voters — squeaked to victory by 651 votes in 2000; the Green in that race received 5,811 votes.