Toyota RAV-4 EVs.

Saturday morning, EV RIDRs and Obamamaniacs converged on the Santa Monica Civic Center to advocate for electric vehicles and celebrate President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration. The Inaugural (EV) Parade West, led by Plug in America, attracted over 70 electric and hybrid vehicles to zoom the city streets in PEBO’s honor. Four Tesla Roadsters, 40 Toyota RAV-4 EVs, one converted Porsche Speedster, and even one converted EV Hummer H2 (!?) joined the festivities.

(To the New York Times editorial board: I believe these are the folks who will drive Detroit’s fuel-efficient and electric vehicles. That is, once they are actually available.)

Check out some parade photos below the fold.

Tesla Roadster.

EV Porsche Speedster.

This is truly Jeep electric power.