Friends of the Earth (FoE), which endorsed Bill Bradley in the Democratic primary and had hinted that it might support Green candidate Ralph Nader in the general election, is officially endorsing Al Gore today. FoE President Brent Blackwelder said the group agonized over the decision because it has been disappointed in the Clinton-Gore administration and because it shares Nader’s views on important issues such as trade. But the group concluded that Gore’s environmental positions are far better than those of George W. Bush. Blackwelder: “We’re looking at the reality here. In the United States, third parties do not get elected to the presidency.” Many other enviros are also lining up behind Gore as the presidential race heats up. “The initial disappointments the environmental community had with the Clinton-Gore administration have faded, and there is an almost total coalescing behind Gore,” said Kristin Hyde-Block, a spokesperson for Environmental Media Services.