CNBC asked to interview NOAA scientist Tom Knutson about the link between global warming and hurricanes. (Knutson believes there is one.) The request got passed up the chain at NOAA:

"What is Knutson’s view on global warming vs. decadal cycles?" [Commerce press secretary Chuck] Fuqua asked his subordinate.

He’s "a bit of a different animal" than the higher-ups at the NOAA, the aide responded.

"Why can’t we have one of the other guys on then?" Fuqua emailed back.

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NOAA ultimately denied CNBC the interview.

You can read the relevant emails here. More here from ThinkProgress.

Update [2006-9-19 12:14:7 by David Roberts]: Ah. Much, much more from Paul D. Thacker over on Salon.

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