If you visit the Drudge Report, you’ll find the following bit of typically breathless hype:

NY TIMES PLANS HIT ON GORE, NEWSROOM SOURCES TELL DRUDGE: ‘Scientists argue that Gore’s warnings are full of exaggerated claims and startling errors’… Reporter William Broad filing the story, ‘A CALL TO COOL THE HYPE’… Developing…

"Developing" indeed. Looks like Broad “newsroom sources” is angling to get the maximum possible exposure for his piece. As everyone knows, when it comes to the D.C. press, Drudge rules their world.

Who knows what kind of poop Broad will scrape off his heel for this piece. Remember what RealClimate said about Broad’s last foray into climate science: "Broadly Misleading."

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Suffice to say, if there were any "startling errors" in the science Gore presented in his not-exactly-low-profile film, I suspect some enterprising journo would have gotten scientists to go on record about it already. But we’ll see.

Update [2007-3-12 19:1:10 by David Roberts]: Well, it’s out, and sure enough it’s a steaming pile of half-truths, innuendo, and discredited hackery — not surprisingly, you find Roger Pielke Jr.’s name front and center. Much more later.

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